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  • The St. John’s Board of Trade is your go-to place for business.

    Our roots are deep which means our growth has no limits, and it is our job to celebrate, support and connect you and your business so you can grow and inspire the world.

    This is no small feat, but we’re up for it, because together we are mighty and our mission to grow the business community means you are never alone. We are always by your side. You can count on us – to be your department of business development, marketing or advocacy. To be your biggest voice, and to have your back.

    "Your go to resource for business” is our new mantra. Our call to action. Our bottom line. And we want you to join us in this journey of looking to the future and committing to grow in whatever way makes a difference to you.

    The Board of Trade is here for you.

    Business has built this city, making it an incredible place to live and work, and the Board of Trade is here to build business.

    We are a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce the primary and vital connection between business and the federal government, to advocate for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses, communities and families across Canada.