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    Below is a listing of members that have provided us with an update on their hours of operation, changes, or promotions during the COVID-19 pandemic response. 

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    This list is not exhaustive. If you have questions about a businesses, please contact the business directly. 

    This site will be update Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm.   

    On March 18, 2020, the The Government of NL declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency.
    As of March 24 the following facilities are ordered to close:  (See the Gov NL COVID-19 Information Page for more information)

    • Gyms and fitness facilities, Dance studios,
    • Cinemas, Arenas, Performance Spaces, Bingo halls
    • Businesses that hold a license under the Liquor Control Act whose primary purpose is the consumption of beer, wine, or spirits
    • Personal services establishments including spas, esthetic services, hair salons, etc...,
    • Retail stores, unless those stores provide services essential to life, health or personal safety of individuals and animals
    • Private health clinics, except physician and nurse practitioner clinics. If clinicians can provide virtual care, they are encouraged to do so.
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    Restaurants, Food and Drink

    According to the Public Health Emergency, Restaurant dining areas must be closed. Drive thru, take out, and delivery is still permitted.

    Name Update Updated on
    Bannerman Brewing
    • Take out, Wednesday-Sunday
    • Filling Bannerman Brewing Growlers (pick up only)
    March 24 - 3pm
    • Take out & Delivery
    March 24 - 3pm
    • Take out
    March 24 - 3pm
    • Take out only, contact for hours
    March 27 - 11am
    Ches's Fish & Chips
    • Call stores for exact hours.
    • Take out only; debit and credit payments only
    March 24 - 3pm
    Clancey's Kitchen & Bar - Comfort Inn Airport
    • Take out only
    March 24 - 3pm
    Executive Coffee Services Ltd.
    • Delivery (home or office), Curbside Pickup (call ahead).
    • Operating Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm
    April 2 - 9am
    • Take out available
    • Order through app or call/visit your local restaurant.
    March 24 - 3pm
    Hungry Heart Cafe
    • Takeout/delivery available
    March 24 - 3pm
    Jack Astors
    • Take out & Delivery, 4pm-9pm daily
    March 24 - 3pm
    Jack's Restaurant - Capital Hotel
    • Take out only from 7am-9am & 5pm-8pm.
    • Credit card only.
    March 24 - 3pm
    Newfoundland & Labrador Liquor Corporation
    • Order online with scheduled in-store pickup only
    March 25 - 12pm
    Newfoundland Chocolate Company
    • Curbside pickup from Torbay Road Factory location, call (709)702-0282 or email curbside@newfoundlandchocolatecompany.com
    March 25 - 12pm
    Old Town Pizzeria
    • Order online or over the phone
    • No Contact Delivery
    March 24 - 3pm
    Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca
    • Take out & Delivery
    March 24 - 3pm
    Quidi Vidi Brewery
    • No contact pick up
    March 30 - 10am
    • Closed Sundays, open for take out Monday - Saturday 12pm-8pm
    • They will be spacing out take out/pick up times to abide to social distancing requirements.
    March 23 - 4pm
    Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food April 1 - 1pm
    • Take out 
    March 24 - 3pm
    The Luxus Cafe
    • Take out, delivery, or curb side
    March 26 - 9am
    Wedgewood Cafe 
    • Take out & Delivery
    March 24 - 3pm
    Wingin' It
    • Store hours vary, take out only
    March 24 - 3pm



    Name Update Updated on


    • Check local stores for hours
    • First hour after opening reserved for seniors, those with disabilities, and the immunocompromised.
    • Temporarily waiving all handling and delivery fees associated with online ordering
    March 23 - 2pm
    • Limiting amount of customers allowed in at a time.
    • Tuesday & Thursday from 8am-9am for members who are 60+.
    March 25 - 10am



    Name Update Updated on
    Artistic Kitchens Ltd.
    • Available online for plans, quotes and estimates
    March 25 - 9am
    Avalon Mall
    • Modified hours and only essential services open
    March 25 - 9am
    Bell Mobility
    • Hours vary by location
    • Number of customers in a store will be limited to 3 at any given time.
    March 25 - 9am
    Brew Craft
    • Pick up only
    • Order ahead and store will advise a pick-up time
    March 25 - 9am
    Brewery Lane
    • Pick up only
    • Order ahead and store will advise a pick-up time
    March 25 - 9am
    Cohen's Home Furnishings
    • Open to orders 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday.
    March 25 - 9am
    CWT Harvey's Travel
    • Storefront closed
    • Staff can be reached by phone or email
    March 25 - 9am
    Downhome Publishing Inc.
    • Continuing to fill online orders
    March 25 - 9am
    Eastcom Inc.
    • Stores closed. Available for support services online.
    March 25 - 9am
    Eclipse Stores Inc.
    • Order online
    March 25 - 9am
    Esso (Wilsons Fuels)
    • Open
    April 17 - 4pm
    • Call or Facebook message
    March 25 - 10am
    Le Boudoir Inc.
    • Online only
    • Offering 20% off + FREE SHIPPING with all orders
    March 25 - 10am
    LeDrew Lumber
    • Monday- Friday 7am- 4pm Saturday 10 am- 4 pm.
    • Encouraging customers to email or call in orders. Deliveries will beplaced outside the home/business
    March 25 - 10am
    LeGrow's Travel (A Maritime Travel Company)
    • Staff available for travel assistance
    March 25 - 10am
    • Free Shipping on all online orders
    March 25 - 10am
    Millennium Express Ltd.
    • New hours 9am-4pm
    March 25 - 12pm
    NEXT Clothing Company
    • Shop online, curbside pickup or home delivery
    April 6 - 10am
    • Check local store for hours
    • Please use debit or credit
    March 25 - 12pm
    Professional Uniforms and Mats Inc.
    • Closed to the public, call for service
    • Pickup and free delivery in St. John's area
    March 25 - 12pm
    Russel Metals Inc.
    • Call for hours/information
    March 25 - 12pm
    SAM Design Inc
    • Remote orders, direct to door shipping, online consultations
    • Reach out via social media, info@samdesign.ca, or website
    March 25 - 12pm
    Source Atlantic Inc.
    • Call, email, or shop online
    March 25 - 12pm
    Superior Propane
    • Open
    March 25 - 12pm
    • Check local store for hours
    March 25 - 12pm
    • order online through www.thatprolook.com or shop@thatprolook.com
    April 22 - 4pm
    • Mail orders and Pick up 
    • Reduced Hours Mon.- Friday: 10 am-6pm, Sat. & Sun: 12pm- 5pm
    March 25 - 12pm
    The Shop, SALT Inc.
    • Online only, free shipping in NL until March 31, 2020
    March 25 - 12pm
    • Online only, free delivery and shipping to St. John's Metro
    March 25 - 12pm
    Winterholme Suites & Spa
    • Take Home Spa & Wellness Kits and Health Supplements
    • Phone or online options for sessions with our Naturopathic Doctors and Registered Psychologists. 
    April 13 - 10am


    Printing/Business Supplies

    Name Update Updated on
    Auto Trim
    • Order through call or email
    • Producing floor decals for social distancing
    March 26 - 3pm
    Big Eric's 
    • Modified hours, call or email ahead
    March 24 - 3pm
    Dicks and Company Basics
    • Curbside pick up or counter service at stores
    • Providing free home delivery in their delivery areas
    March 25 - 9am
    • Showroom is closed.
    • Order by phone/email and pay by credit card, pickup outside of store.
    March 25 - 10am
    Grand & Toy Ltd.
    • Visit their website for information
    March 25 - 10am
    Imprint Specialty Promotions
    • No public access to store. 
    • Call or email for orders or pick up
    March 25 - 10am
    Quikprint Services Ltd.
    • Closed to public, order by phone (579-2131) or email paul@quikprint.net
    • Delivery available
    March 25 - 12pm



    Name Update Updated on
    CAA Atlantic Services
    • Branches Closed
    • Available for Member and client services at 1-800-561-8807
    March 25 - 9am
    Collision Clinic
    • Hours: 8am-5pm, no public access
    • Call or email ahead: Topsail Rd. (368-8371) or Torbay Rd. (722-0641) or customerservice@collisionclinic.com.
    March 25 - 10am
    Dallas Mercer Consulting
    • We are continuing to offer our safety and disability management services as well as a new service to help companies navigate COVID-19.
    • We are creating safety plan for clients to operate safely and helping them with implementation. 
    April 23 - 1pm
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Currently offering a Curbside Delivery Model with an emphasis on providing vehicles to essential service providers looking to provide social distance for employees traveling for work.
    March 27 - 4pm
    Get Eventive
    • online event services and virtual meeting co-hosting
    • Weekly "Anything BUT" virtual calls; the idea is to talk about anything but Covid-19.  
    April 6 - 3pm
    Integrated Occupational Health Services Ltd.
    • Providing services remotely through telephone contact, virtual platforms, and as desired by our clients depending upon their need.
    • We are available to provide ergonomic consultation, home safety consultation, activation/mental health support services, Progressive Goal Attainment Programs (PGAP), and willing to work with clients on home exercise programming as well. 
    • Provided we are healthy and clients are at low risk, we may be able to consider in person services still maintaining social distancing and other safety measures in the future.
    March 25 - 1pm
    • Most staff are working remotely with the exception of physical services (e.g. warehousing). These locations have undertaken risk mitigation practices. Contact information remains the same.
    • We are fully operational with no disruption in service or quality.
    March 26 - 10am
    Rainbow International
    • Limited open hours to the public but phone lines are answered 24/7
    • In addition to regular emergency services, they are certified in Biohazard clean-up, including COVID 19 options.
    March 23 - 3pm
    Tulks Glass Key Shop Ltd.
    • Call for service
    March 25 - 12pm


    Non Members

    Name Update Updated on
    Premium Choice Meals
    • Open
    March 24
    Westwater Kitchen & Meats
    • Open
    March 26