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  • AnnMarie Boudreau, CEO
    aboudreau at bot.nf.ca
    c. 709.765.5908

    Amanda Eid, Manager of Communications and Engagement
    aeid at bot.nf.ca
    p. 726-2961

    Jennifer Chaytor, Manager of Finance & Compliance
    jchaytor at bot.nf.ca
    p. 726-2961

    Our Manager of Finance & Compliance is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day financial control of the Board and ensuring that all the finances are properly administered and monitored with the assistance of the CEO and the Secretary/Treasurer. Duties include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, budgets, and financial statements. Jennifer also ensures the Board is in compliance with all regulatory bodies relating to all government agencies. Jennifer is also a member of the Treasurer’s Committee and is the staff-support to the Secretary/Treasurer.

    Jackie Bryant Cumby, Member Relations Specialist
    jcumby at bot.nf.ca
    p. 726-2961

    Jackie works closely with the Board, management, and communications teams to provide current information to the Board of Trade membership and its volunteers. Her role involves database management, online marketing design and delivery, and technology support for staff. She works with the member benefits team in providing support through collateral development. Jackie is also the recording secretary for the Board of Trade and provides administrative support to the Board.

    Erika Stockley, Sales Manager
    estockley at bot.nf.ca
    p. 726-2961

    Ashley Verge, Central Region Coordinator, Connector NL
    averge at connectornl.ca
    p. 572-2345

    Ashley is excited to be part of the Connector NL expansion to Central Newfoundland. Being born and raised in Central, she is passionate about the region and being a force to help its residents find meaningful connections. She’s also aware of the irony that it is a job with the St. John’s Board of Trade that brought her back to Central after over 10 years studying and working in St. John’s. Along with Connector NL, Ashley assists with Board of Trade events, helping with digital content and resource development. She works with the Business Solutions team and is active in promoting AIPP to members and businesses across the province. Ashley’s past experience includes working in post-secondary students services and being a provincial non-profit representative. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Memorial University and has studied Community Investment through Mount Royal University.

    Shanna Mugford, Western Region Coordinator, Connector NL
    smugford at connectornl.ca
    p. 388-1103

    Shanna is the Western Region Coordinator for Connector NL and works in her hometown, Corner Brook. She believes in the potential of Newfoundland and Labrador and is excited to play a role in helping job seekers find meaningful employment on the west coast. In addition to Connector NL, she is part of the St. John’s Board of Trade’s Business Solutions team and works with the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade on regional initiatives. Shanna has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies and Sociology from Memorial University.

    Lori Sheppard, Project Coordinator
    lsheppard at bot.nf.ca 
    p. 726-2961

    Lori is coordinating  research currently being undertaken by the St. John’s Board of Trade into the barriers and opportunities that exist for older workers. A lifelong resident of St. John’s, Lori began her career as a researcher and writer for the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador. Since then, she has worked in broadcasting, adult education, and as a technical writer and project coordinator in the telecommunications and energy sectors. Lori has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland.