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  • Newcomer Entrepreneurship Program

    Immigrants to Canada drive economic development and innovation through their participation in entrepreneurship. In Canada, immigrants represent a significant percentage of the country’s entrepreneurs, and their companies are more likely to serve export markets than companies owned or managed by non-immigrants. The Newcomer Entrepreneurship Program focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of newcomers and assists in breaking down barriers by helping them to successfully establish a business. This program is a pre-incubator for newcomers who want to turn their ideas into start-up businesses.

    During this 4 month program newcomers will:

    • learn entrepreneurship skills in person and online

    • mentorship

    • meet employers

    • attend business networking events

    • become familiar with entrepreneurial resources in the Province

    Program start and End: January 6, 2020- April 30,2020


    Ankur Sheohare

    (709) 986-0066


    Supporters include:



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