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  • Esso Business Fleet Fuel Savings for BOT members

    Offer Valid: 12/31/2020 - 12/31/2020

    Save 6 Cents Per Litre on fuel purchases for 6 Months!

    Apply today to start saving at Esso stations across the province.  BOT members can save 6 cent per litre on fuel purchases at any Esso gas station for the first 6 months with an Esso Business Fleet Card.  After the 6 month promotional period, BOT members receive a discount of 3.5 cent per litre on their fuel purchases.

    Advantages of an Esso Business Fleet Card:

    • Convenience - Card can be used at nearly 1800 Esso locations across the country; Acceptance across the boarder at nearly 10,000 Exxon and Mobil locations in the US.
    • Control - Track vehicle performance, i.e cost per KM traveled; All vehicle expenses with one card.
    • Flexibility - Decide which purchases to allow; Powerful online tools with real time activity and management.
    • Maximize Profit - No annual fee; prevent fraud and misuse; save time and paper; Earn Discounts.
    • Security - Implement individual card restrictions and other security measures such driver ID numbers, etc.
    • Loyalty & Rewards - Take advantage on top of the Discount by earning loyalty points on purchases.  Esso has the biggest loyalty network in Canada with the option to collect points on purchases with one of the 2 programs accepted at Esso locations.  Consumers can choose from the Esso Extra or the PC Optimum loyalty programs when purchasing fuel.  
    • Quality Fuel -   Premium Synergy Fuel at all Esso locations across the province.  Better quality fuel to protect your engine; Better fuel economy; Better responsiveness to improve performance. 
    Contact Dave to find out how you can get your Esso Business Fleet card and start saving today.

    Phone: (709) 765-4793
    Email:  drowsell@wilsons.ca