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  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency management and preparation is an important facet of your business’ long-term success. Whether an emergency is localized to your business or has become a larger-scale regional disaster, being prepared can help your organization navigate the issues, keep you safe, and get you back to normal operation as soon as possible.  

    Is your Business prepared?

    Insurance Bureau of Canada has created a free Business Continuity Diagnostic to help you assess how prepared you are. Take the Diagnostic.



  • Preparation Tools

    Start your Business Continuity Plan by downloading our Business Continuity Contact List. Remember to review your list often and keep it up to date. It is also important to keep digital and paper copies of the contact list and inform staff who are assigned communications roles during an emergency of where it is located.

    In addition, St. John’s Board of Trade has created a free Emergency Preparedness newsletter. During an emergency situation this newsletter will be used to send along useful updates about the situation and how you, your employees, and your business, can stay safe. There will also be semi-annual updates with general information pertaining to emergency management and preparedness. This newsletter is open to members and non-members of the St. John’s Board of Trade. Click here to sign-up for the newsletter