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  • It's like having your own Department of Kicking Butt.  Grow your business and stay competitive.

  • St. John’s and surrounding area is home to a number of high-quality resources that support businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s a complicated world, and it’s rare that business owners and entrepreneurs have time to be familiar with all the resources available to them to support and grow their business. Knowledge is power, and missing access to an available resource can mean the difference between success and failure.

    We have created a single point of contact for all your business needs. We are the “go to” resource for business in the St. John’s area. We’re building a coordinated network of resource partners that will quickly route you to valuable information, available programs, experience and expertise to help your business succeed.

    It is easy – just schedule a one-on-one visit with a member of our team. You can then confidentially discuss your operations, your requirements and your plans for the future. We’ll review your information and connect you with the appropriate resources and individuals within the St. John’s Community.

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    Rhonda Tulk-Lane
    Director Business Solutions

    Brendan Hagerty
    Manager Business Solutions and ConnectorNL

    Ashley Verge
    ConnectorNL Central Region

    Shanna Mugford
    ConnectorNL Western Region

    Project Manager, Newcomer Entrepreneurship Program
    Project Manager, Experience Workers