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  • St. John's Board of Trade Guest Blog

    November 9, 2020
    Atlantic Canada retailers have reasons for optimism this holiday season amidst a challenging year

    Steve Lund, Atlantic Retail & Consumer Leader, Deloitte

    August 26, 2020
    Fraud awareness is everyone’s business: what you don’t know can hurt you

    Adam Lippa, Business Risk Advisor, Grant Thornton

    December 10, 2019
    Deloitte’s new Executive Service Centre creating jobs in St. John’s

    Deloitte Canada recently launched a brand-new Executive Service Centre (ESC) in its St. John’s office and, in just a few short months, the firm has already greatly expanded the level of support for its partners and directors nationwide.

    August 13, 2019
    Immigration could be the key to a stronger economy

    Increased levels of immigration to Newfoundland and Labrador could be one of the myriad of solutions we use to address the economic concerns related to a declining population.

    Brian Walsh

    June 16, 2019
    The #1 Habit of Successful Executive Directors

    What do you do when you’re driving up to a yellow light? Hit the gas to beat the red or accept the stop as imminent and wait your turn? How about when you have two items at the grocery store? Do you frantically look for the shortest line, fume that the express checkout has 9 people ahead of you and remain annoyed while you wait? Have you ever texted someone and stared at your phone for the next 20 minutes waiting for a reply? This is life and it shows up everywhere.


    June 12, 2019
    What You Need to Know When Choosing a Security Camera System for Your Business or Commercial Property

    You’ve just had your latest eye exam and it’s time to invest in a new pair of glasses. The new Flexiframe 900 offers a much lighter frame with no compromise in durability. The choice is a no-brainer. To offset the increased cost, you settle for cheaper lenses. Next thing you know, you’re getting headaches from hours spent in front of your computer screen or outside on a sunny day with no protection from radiant glare. Sure, the frames are great but at what cost?

    Rhonda Tulk-Lane

    November 29, 2018
    Guest Blog - Succession planning is a process not an event

    When is the best time to sell your business?

    Suzanne C. Loomer, Partner KPMG

    August 15, 2018
    Guest Blog - Recent US Court Decisions and the Impact on Canadian Businesses

    As Canada’s largest trading partner, the US is a hot spot for Canadian businesses exporting goods. The Canada-US Income Tax Treaty, (the “Treaty”) allows for many Canadian businesses to sell into the US with minimal income tax exposure provided the Canadian business is not doing business through a permanent establishment in the US.

    Janice Connors is a Senior Manager at KPMG