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  • Sweet Local Businesses

    Baking & Caking: Sweet local businesses you should put in your mouth

    Do you have a sweet tooth? Fortunately, there are several local businesses that bake sweet treats nearby. Whether you're hosting a party and you need to order a cake or you're simply looking for something to satisfy your most recent cravings, check out these local shops. Check out a few of our members ...

    Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food
    Since opening, Rocket has become a bustling but cosy community hub, from the French-influences bakery offerind to the vintage building's upstairs level, an active music and event space that has hosted  such acts as The Once and the Weakerthans.

    Stella's Cirle / Hungry Heart Cafe
    We are a full service restaurant and catering business located in historic Rawlin’s Cross, St. John’s, NL. We focus on creating nutritious meals that are full of flavor. But Hungry Heart Café is much more than a great place for food. We help vulnerable adults access careers in the food service industry so that they can achieve independence and realize their dreams. Every penny of revenue generated by the Hungry Heart Café goes right back into the operation to fund employment training.

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