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    Best items to get on sale at the end of the season

    Everyone likes to save money. Some save it in an account. Some save it under the mattress. But, what if you could save money, while actually spending money. Counter-intuitive right? Well, we here at the St. John's Board of Trade would like to show you this wonderful way of saving money. If you have just a little patience, you can save hundreds and possibly thousands every year.

    So, shall we start saving money?

    The secret to saving money while shopping is not clipping lots of coupons. No, the secret is to have patience, and buy items at end of each season. Then, if you insist, clip those coupons and save more money.

    Best Things Wait Until Spring to Buy

    • Home Gym Equipment - With more people doing their workouts outside, due to warmer weather, manufacturers are eager to get rid of excess inventory.
    • Boats - It's offseason for boats and manufacturers want this big-ticket item off the books.
    • Cruises - Prices fall dramatically between January and March.
    • Ski & Snowboarding Equipment – We're pretty no one is hitting the slopes.
    • Don't buy spring fashion, furniture or new cars.

    Wait Until Summer and Save Big

    • Large Appliances – Manufactures are gearing up in the fall.
    • School Supplies, TV's and Electronics - Prices drop in preparation for markups for Fall and Christmas.
    • Automobiles - With new models soon debuting in the fall, you could save 15 percent or more.
    • Don't buy suits and accessories, FYI weddings are the most expensive in Summer. Prices on these items will drop in the Fall
    • Patio Furniture - As the temperature cools, so do the prices.
    • Lawn Mowers - The grass is no longer growing and neither are the prices.
    • Grills - the BBQ season is unfortunately gone, but so are the markups.
    • Try to get your Christmas shopping done because the markups and crowds are coming to town.

    Winter Wonderland of Price Cuts

    Most of the things that you would buy in the Winter, should probably wait until after Christmas. After Christmas, they are generally steep, steep markdowns, as manufacturers race to get products off their books, in preparation for the following year's taxes.

    • Sports Equipment - Home gyms are out, gym memberships are in.
    • New Cars - The last week features the years best pricing on vehicles.
    • Clothing – You could see mark-downs as much as 70 or 80 percent.

    Here at the Board, we hope that these shopping tips will keep you shopping, but more importantly saving throughout the year!

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