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  • Leadership: We can be better people in business

    Leadership: We can be better people in business

    Craig Dowden is well-known for helping make the connections between what science knows and what leaders do. Using evidence-based principles from the fields of psychology with those in leadership, and organizational excellence, Craig helps clients develop real-life solutions to solve challenges.

    How do you successfully lead while living your values?
    Answering that question is at the heart of Craig's work. In his new book, Do Good to Lead Well: The Science and Practice of Positive Leadership, Craig explores six pillars of leadership:


    • Self-Awareness
    • Civility
    • Humility
    • Focus on the Positive
    • Meaning and Purpose
    • Empathy
    Craig's message - success comes not when we sacrifice our integrity and values, but when we stay true to our own internal compass and morals. When we do good, we achieve more, and oftentimes, far more than we ever thought possible.

    The St. John's Board of Trade provides resources to help its members reach their full potential within our community. Be sure to join Craig's book launch and CEO Fireside Chat on April 30, 2019. Guest include: REGISTER HERE
    Registration includes a signed copy of Craig's book. 

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