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  • Is your social media head shot CHEESY?

  • Is your social media head shot CHEESY?

    Take a quick look at your social media head shot and then come back.

    • It is cheesy? Ask someone you trust. Do not rely on your own judgement. 
    • What does it say about you?
    • Does it promote your brand?
    • Is it a decade old?
    For many professionals choosing the right head shot can be time consuming. Plus who's got time to get it done in between working, volunteering and running the kids around. Having a professional photo of yourself is very important for your brand. Here are 3 tips when choosing your head shot:
    1. Make it real. Make sure it says you. 
    2. Make it current. Get a new head shot done annually.
    3. Make it professional. Do not use a cropped, low res photo of yourself. 
    Now that you have 3 tips, we are going to make it really easy for you. At this year's Outlook'19 conference say cheese! Member Brian Carey Photography will be set up to take your social media head shot for 2019.

    Say Cheese at Outlook'19! Find out where and when on the conference app.

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