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  • Brighter Days Are Ahead

    Brighter Days Are Ahead

    How KPMG is "Shaking Up" their workplace to counter the negative Mental Health impacts of COVID-19

    By Janice Connors

    Senior Manager, US & Cross-Border Tax

    As we continue to work and live through the pandemic, I’m sure everyone would agree that stress levels have been at an all-time high. Now more than ever, employees need support as they cope with the added stress of lockdowns, expanded workloads, and the fear of getting sick.
    This month, KPMG Canada launched the “KPMG Summer Shakeup” campaign. This initiative is all about helping our people truly take the time they need to rejuvenate, while also recognizing the tremendous impact they make each and every day.

    The idea of ‘shaking things up’ is the inspiration behind some of the new perks and changes we’re making. Here’s how it looks:

    • All employees receive 6 additional paid vacation days this summer
    • Extra-long weekends and an extended break around the Canada Day long weekend
    • An extra $500 to kickstart the July long weekend
    • More rewards and recognition dollars to help celebrate our awesome team for their awesome work
    • A new virtual working style with shorter meetings, fewer video calls, and ‘no video Fridays’
    • Dedicated weekly ‘quiet afternoons’ for focused work and planning 
    Recognizing this week is Mental Health Awareness week, in addition to the Summer Shakeup campaign, I am also happy to share some other things we are doing to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of all our employees is top of mind.
    One of the key strategic focus areas for KPMG Canada is a resilient and mentally healthy workforce. Denis Trottier, our Chief Mental Health Officer (CMHO) and the first in Corporate Canada, has been leading the mental health strategy for KPMG Canada for many years now.
    Recently, KPMG published a study of how the pandemic has had a lasting impact on people’s mental health. In particular, we also recognize the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on various communities. As a result, we have continued to engage colleagues in courageous conversation such as through the BLM movement, advocating for Anti-Asian racism, and supporting newcomers to the country.
    We’ve also had a number of passionate colleagues initiate Mental Health focused people networks to support our colleagues in this time.
    I am thankful and proud to be a part of the KPMG team. I hope that sharing what we’re doing can encourage other St. John’s Board of Trade members to find a way to recharge and shake things up this summer – all while staying safe and following the public health guidelines! 
    Remember – brighter days are ahead!

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