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    Task Force

    Purpose of COVID-19 Task Force: share information, stay in the loop and have a direct line of communication with all levels of government.

    • Directors Doug Wright (Chair), Cox & Palmer, Janice Connors, KPMG

    • Member Craig Rowe, ClearRisk

    • Member Tamara Vatcher, Training Works

    • Mt. Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce, Wanda Palmer

    • Town of Portugal Cove St. Phillips, Jeff Lawlor

    • Town of CBS, Jennifer Lake

    • Town of Paradise, Jennifer Penny

    • City of Mt. Pearl, Jeremy Scwartz

    • CBA Chamber of Commerce, Heather Howard

    • Federal Government, ACOA, Amanda Handrigan

    • Provincial Government, TCII, Judith Hearn and Gillian Skinner and Finance Doug Trask

    • City of St. John's Elizabeth Lawrence

    • Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, Mary Shortall

    • NLEC Richard Alexander

    • NL Associations of CBDC, Roseanne Leonard